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Bled Castle Restaurant

Bled Castle Restaurant

Bled Castle, located on top of an amazing cliff, offers stunning views of Lake Bled and surrounding mountains. It is one of the most visited Slovene sights with over 300.000 guests annually.

Two hospitality units are a part of this historical monument, a coffee shop and a restaurant, and present very important elements of Bled Castle experience. Jezeršek Catering aims to place Bled Castle on a map of Slovenia's best culinary venues.

Bled Castle Restaurant

Bled Castle Restaurant

Local and regional dishes will be made in contemporary and sophisticated way with an aim to preserve the gastronomical heritage of Upper Carniola region and Slovenia.

Book you lunch or dinner in advance and gain free entrance to Bled Castle!

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Kavarna Blejski grad

Coffee shop Tlacan

Coffee shop Tlacan greets all visitors at the lower courtyard while one can find the restaurant at the upper courtyard. An attractive smell of coffee will attract visitors to take a moment and enjoy their drink and a sweet Slovene delicacy.

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Poslovni dogodki na Blejskem gradu

Business Events

Bled has always been an important venue of high–level political and other official meetings. Its castle has been visited by a number of high-ranking statesmen who enjoyed the breathtakingly beautiful views of the surrounding nature and medievaly inspired special events. Bled Castle offers two courtyards for outdoor receptions and two for indoor.

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Zasebni dogodki na Blejskem gradu

Private Events and Weddings

A splendid venue and a breathtaking view ensure long lasting memories for all visitors. Invite your relatives and friends to an unforgettable celebration at Bled Castle. Staircases connect all levels of the castle and define its challenging and yet romantic access.

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Kulturni dogodki na Blejskem gradu

Bled Castle activities

Upper courtyard is suitable for a variety of events and hosts numerous cultural activities. Pay attention to the yearly programme of Bled Cultural Institute.

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Bled Castle hospitality was taken over by Jezeršek gostinstvo d.o.o. (Jezeršek Catering) on 15 January 2015. After beeing shortly closed for refurbishment the restaurant is OPEN since 8 March 2015

Contact person

Mrs Tamara Buh, Sales Assistant, +386 1 361 94 16, tamara@jezersek.si

Early bookings are recommended since some dates get taken over a year in advance.


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