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Each business experience must be presented with just the right degree of formality, as well as of relaxation. If you invite business partners or your employees to an event, take this opportunity to generate new business ideas and at the same time an informal gathering, where participants connect more relaxed.

Our rooms can be arranged into a pleasant environment in which your event will proceed the way you want it to be.

Business events at Dvor Jezeršek

No matter whether you are planning an event for a few people or a larger number of people, we can always organize the catering for you. 
150.00 €
Dvor Jezeršek

Business events at House of Culinary Arts

The key element in organizing the perfect event is the venue. 
House of Culinary Arts

Special occasions at House of Culinary Arts

For special events such as dances, New Year's celebrations, gala lunches and dinners and a wide variety of other events, from fashion shows to exhibitions and book presentations, people remember only the most excellent elements. 
House of Culinary Arts