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The key element in organizing the perfect event is the venue. Since the offer is quite varied and consequently also often of poor quality it is worth taking time and choosing the best possible one.

Be careful when choosing an appropriate location or venue.

Since business events leave a lasting impression on your business partners and clients - either good or bad - it is crucial that the venue has been tested in advance; not only in terms of food, but also in terms of size and necessary technical equipment.

To make the best out of your business event, it is worth the effort to ensure that your event will meet or even exceed expectations, both in terms of venue and also in terms of food serving and catering!

Jezeršek House of Culinary Arts boasts a number of rooms and halls suitable for a variety of events and types of catering. It is suitable for smaller groups, but also for those that reach up to a few hundred people, if a tent is put up also up to 1,500 people. You can also decide to hold the event in different rooms simultaneously - this will enhance your event and bring dynamics into the atmosphere.

Rooms and facilities
By choosing Jezeršek House of Culinary Arts, you kill two birds with one stone.

Events that can be held at Jezeršek House of Culinary Arts are numerous:

  • conferences
  • seminars
  • symposia
  • lectures
  • meetings
  • business breakfasts, lunches and dinners

The good part of hosting an event at Jezeršek House of Culinary Arts is that you don't need to worry neither about the venue nor about the food and service. Why is that? Because Jezeršek House of Culinary Arts is at the same time the headquarters of Jezeršek Catering. Click here to check what kind of catering and food service is available.

Most importantly, we will be with you at all times: from initial arrangements on. At the event, the F&B manager will be there all the time and make sure that the event will run smoothly and fulfil your expectations.

Types of Catering
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