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Highest quality Slovenian beef that’s bursting with flavour 

The respect for Slovenian meat needs to be renewed; its exquisite structure and unique flavour should be the pride of every plate. That’s why we reached out to Toplak Farm and collaborated to create a circle of quality production, processing and supply of Slovenian beef – by selecting the correct breeds, farming methods and ensuring the humane slaughter as well as ageing at our facility at Sora. Guests at Dvor Jezeršek will be treated to a truly authentic experience; we only serve pristine and perfectly done aged beef of Slovenian origin from our own facilities that is wonderfully soft, has an exquisite texture and is packed full of flavour – and free of additives and preservatives, of course.



Traditionally made and naturally cured charcuterie 

Franci’s Pantry is home to authentic cured meats produced with love for quality and tradition by head of the family, Franci Jezeršek. Mouth-watering flavours are born from authentic recipes passed between generations, and the knowledge and experience with curing. In Franci’s Pantry, there are no secret ingredients or shortcuts. Instead, it keeps only the best that nature and man have to offer – the best meat prepared, aged and cured according to tradition, without preservatives or additives.

Delicacies from Franci’s Pantry are available throughout the year at Dvor Jezeršek and Bled Castle Restaurant.



Traditional Slovenian Potica with different fillings 

Because we value tradition, we aim to revive it through one of the most recognisable and popular Slovenian desserts – the Potica. The mother, Sonja Jezeršek, honours the rich Slovenian culinary heritage by following traditional recipes and using local quality ingredients to knead, stuff and bake this unique pastry. The Potica’s sweet leavened dough and delectable fillings, be it walnuts, fresh cheese or tarragon, will simply melt in your mouth. There’s something for every taste.

Sonja Jezeršek’s home-baked Potica is available during the Easter and Christmas seasons.



Classic Kaiserschmarrn à la Jezeršek 

Kaiserschmarrn is a forgotten delicacy of the rich Slovenian culinary tradition. We are proud to have reintroduced it to the people, its delightful secrets already familiar to our mothers and grandmothers. Today, the Jezeršek Kaiserschmarrn is one of the most popular and recognisable desserts at events throughout Slovenia and beyond and occupies an important place in popular Slovenian cuisine. Its recipe an original Jezeršek creation, Kaiserschmarrn is made from quality ingredients and topped with apple, mixed berry or chocolate sauce that brings this delicacy to the next level.

Because of its popularity, we have even crowned the Kaiserschmarrn King to spread word of this wonderful dessert.



One of the largest donors at the Vinakoper barrique auction

Since the beginning of this socially responsible project in 1998, each autumn, we participate in the fund raising barrique auction at the Vinakoper cellars. Through our taking part in the auctions, we have become one of the largest financial backers of the paediatric ward at the Izola General Hospital. Alongside our philanthropic activities, we are proud to endorse Slovenian wine makers as well as the economy, promoting highest quality Slovenian wines through joint efforts. In cooperation with an oenologist, the wine purchased at the auction is matured to optimum quality and the desired aroma, then bottled and offered as a product of Slovenian excellence to our guests at Dvor Jezeršek and Bled Castle Restaurant.