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Jezeršek 360 ° is a story in which many socially responsible projects are intertwined with respect and tradition for Slovenian culinary fields, which we create ourselves and in cooperation with various partners.


Responsibility towards the company and generations  

Jezeršek Catering is one of the first family-owned business in Slovenia opting to put down their “play rules” into a family constitution. This strategic document sets out the relationships between the endeavour and the Jezeršek family, and constitutes a sincere agreement between family members on the management of familiar and entrepreneurial relationships. The duly signed family constitution helps maintain the company’s competitive edge, a clear business vision as the foundation for future development; and is the symbol of responsibility to past as well as future family generations.


Responsibility for reducing wasted food

The awareness of the large quantities of wasted food and the need for a more responsible attitude towards food waste have driven Chef Luka Jezeršek to organise the Stop Food Waste Week. A series of activities throughout Slovenia reached, according to the media, more than 1.5 million individuals while over a hundred thousand participated in the socially responsible project, including notable Slovenian chefs, bloggers and other public personalities. Luka also managed to attract the attention of Chef Massimo Bottura, long-time supporter of the Food for Soul project and owner of Osteria Francescana, voted the world’s best restaurant in 2016 and 2018, who joined the initiative for a more responsible future.


Responsibility towards the hospitality sector 

As a proud partner of the Slovenian House 2018, Jezeršek Catering was responsible for delivering highest quality culinary delights from Slovenia at different events and Slovenian Olympic medal winner homecomings. The team of professional chefs and serving staff attending the PyeongChang Olympic Winter Games in 2018 was accompanied by hospitality student, Gregor Potočnik, selected in cooperation with the Slovenian Olympic Committee in a contest that saw the participation of many young and promising future professionals. This way, we wanted to take youths becoming involved with catering and tourism sectors on an unforgettable experience and introduce them to both the joys and pains of the industry, contributing to resolving the issue of employment in the hospitality sector.


Responsibility towards the socially disadvantaged 

Chef Luka Jezeršek is a close friend of the Zavod pod strehco institute that helps those at a social disadvantage to a warm daily meal. Already during the Stop Food Waste Week, Luka provided selfless assistance by assuming kitchen responsibilities when the head chef was absent for his well-earned vacation. Quickly, he came to realise that the little restaurant was in dire need of a new and adapted cold room. Luka offered a hand and, with the help of partners and friends Damjan Mendard of Menard RA and Primož Černigoj of PROprima, realised his idea of a donated cold storage. The partners covered all associated costs, improving the working conditions for future endeavours by Zavod pod strehco.


Responsibility towards the youngest patience

Each year, the traditional barrique auction at the Vinakoper Hiša refoška cellars donates its proceeds to the paediatric ward at the Izola General Hospital for the purchase of vital equipment. At Jezeršek Catering, we have been involved with the philanthropic event from its inception, becoming one of the largest financial backers of the Izola hospital paediatric ward. Born from the fund-raiser is 360°, the wine under the Jezeršek 360° brand, attempting to provide for a better future for paediatric patients and their families by accepting social responsibility.


Responsibility for the preservation of Slovenia’s recipes and culinary identity 

Jezeršek Academy is a project that the Jezeršek family has been working on for years. It could even be said that the desire for teaching runs in the family. As a result, we have decided to establish the Jezeršek Academy to help preserve the traditional recipes that make up our cultural heritage, thus assist in preserving Slovenia’s identity. Selected workshops in the scope of the Jezeršek 360° brand are the product of the highest level of knowledge, years of experience and a passion for passing knowledge from generation to generation. Cooking aficionados will be able to expand their horizons at workshops on bread making, traditional Slovenian Potica, stews and casseroles, herbs, meat preparation etc.


Responsibility towards the heritage of oenology 

In 2008, Dvor Jezeršek became the proud home of the descendant of the world’s oldest grape vine, counting more than 450 years, located at Lent in Maribor. Each year as a sign of appreciation for the viticulture heritage and oenology tradition, in the company of closest friends, we trim and prune the vine under the watchful eyes of two of the most renowned Slovenian wine producers, resident winemaker, Danilo Steyer, and mentor, Stojan Ščurek. All viticulture activities are meticulously documented in special records kept at Dvor Jezeršek. Each year, the vine is symbolically appointed a patron who oversees the trimming. In autumn, the grapes are harvested, and the harvest used in the making of an exquisite wine for special occasions.