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Good employees are the key to successful company - if they are satisfied and well-trained, the company will work good as well. Good personal relations are the foundation of success - knowing personal characteristics of your employees is of benefit for you. Therefore it is necessary to provide social gatherings also off-premises and deepen relationship among the employees, build team spirit, evoke mutual cooperation and take care of well-being and relaxation of the employees, and last but not least: from time to time your employees need to be rewarded as well.

Jezeršek Academy is the right solution: our culinary team building workshops take place in a pleasant environment of Dvor Jezeršek.

Culinary team building workshops of Jezeršek Academy offer just what you have been looking for: they can be relaxing or serve you as a way of gathering information if you want to seriously interfere with the atmosphere, and worok of your employees.

Be creative in getting to know your colleagues.

If you decide for a culinary team building workshop aimed at obtaining the character profiles of your employees, the psychologist-coach will be there as well - this will add the professional psychological aspect and enable you to get a final reflection. Participants in the culinary team building workshops will have to react in many cooking situations, which quickly show the relationship among the participants.

If you decide for a team building workshop in terms of thematic culinary workshop, the main focus will be given to the story, atmosphere and inspiring culinary ideas. We will divide into teams, one will do the cooking, the other will do the serving. At the end we all sit down and taste the dishes we have prepared - fun for everyone.

The only thing you need to do is choose one of our culinary team-building workshops. We will take care of the rest, including professional management, motivational team, selection of recipes, preparation of ingredients and cooking props ... and do not forget: at the end, we do the washing up.

You will have fun and also learn something new at the same time.

Teambuilding Mystery Box

Do you have a large number of employees for whom you would like to prepare a professional culinary team building, additionally connect your team and have immense fun in the process? 

Based on the example of the cooking competition we know from TV screens, in cooperation with our Master chefs we have prepared an extremely entertaining culinary team building, from which the participants will not leave indifferent. 

For groups of 30 to 60 participants

Teambuilding 2 in 1

Would you like to spend a fun culinary afternoon or morning at the Jezeršek Academy, learn something new and additionally connect your team? With our Master chefs, we have prepared an unforgettable culinary gathering for medium-sized groups, from which each participant will take away a piece of new knowledge. 

For groups of 12 to 28 participants
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