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Would you like professional culinary team building, additionally connect your team and have immense fun in the process? Based on the example of the cooking competition we know from TV screens, in cooperation with our master chefs we have prepared an extremely entertaining culinary team building, from which the participants will not leave indifferent. 

 Embark on a new culinary adventure!
Because it is distinguished by: 
- an unforgettable culinary experience, suitable for larger groups; 
- a cooking challenge with a surprise effect (mystery box);
- fun and creative creation in a team; 
- competitive spirit and prizes for the best; 
- management under the tutelage of professional chefs;
- first-class local ingredients;
- tasting of dishes prepared by the participants themselves; 
- endless socializing possibilities; 
- top organization.
Upon arrival, participants are first greeted with an aperitif and a cold buffet. 

The participants are then divided by lot into several groups and assigned to workstations. We familiarize them with the working environment, time limit, standards, expectations and goals of the workshop. 
 At the workstation, a special surprise awaits the participants, a mystery box, under which local ingredients are hidden for the preparation of the dish. After lifting the box, all group members have only a few minutes to organize and divide the work. 

There is also a market where they can collect the additional ingredients they need to prepare the dish as they imagined it. It's time for action! 

Group members must prepare a delicious dish from the ingredients. A professional chef is available to them throughout the challenge, who advises, guides and encourages them so that at the end of the challenge, their dishes will be top-notch. During the workshop, it is ensured that the participants are not thirsty, as a package of drinks is available to them at all times.

At the end, the plates of all groups are ready for tasting and evaluation. The leader of the group brings the plate in front of the judges, and they choose the winning plate from everyone. The prepared dishes of all groups are then available for tasting to all culinary teambuilding participants. All's well that ends well. 

Bon appetit!
The whole team building takes about 2 to 3 hours. 

  • Arrival of participants, cold appetizers and aperitif
  • Group drawing and division into groups
  • Departure for workstations and familiarization with the work environment, time limit, standards, expectations and goals of the workshop. 
  • Each group occupies and familiarizes itself with the space it belongs to. 
  • The space is marked with the corresponding label. Conducting a culinary workshop (approx. 1 – 1.5 hours) 
  • Announcement and presentation of prizes 
  • Sweetening at the sweet table Possibility of additional feasting and socializing

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