TEAMBUILDING 2 IN 1 - Jezeršek catering
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The workshop is suitable for larger groups of up to 28 people who want to spend a fun culinary afternoon at the Jezeršek Academy. 

We prepare 2 different workshops for them, where they get to know the variety of rich flavors. 
Note: the two workshops take place in different rooms, so the workshop is not suitable for group team building, where all participants participate in the same challenge.
The workshop lasts approx. 2 hours. 

Upon arrival, the participants are first greeted with an aperitif, and then they are greeted by the workshop manager and introduced to the workflow 

The group of participants is then divided into 2 groups on the basis of a draw, with the two groups dividing the work in the following way:
1st group: preparation of a 4-course menu following instructions with drawn recipes (KITCHEN) 
2nd group: baking bread in an old bread oven (STARA HIŠA) 

The prepared dishes of the first group are then served at the common table to all teambuilding participants. Another group prepares freshly baked loaves of bread for all participants, which they take with them after the workshop.

If you would like an offer, please contact us at +3864 25 29 400 or at