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Prepare snacks and finger food in a new sophisticated way; invent new rules and different solutions. The only limitation is that portions need to by small, bite-size and that they have to be served in a way that enables you to eat them directly using your hands.

In a few hours, we will learn how to combine flavours, colours and texture and unite them in a size of a bite. We will learn how important the details are and how to be creative. We will search for simple and more complex solutions. We will learn how, when and where to serve finger food and how to amaze your guests.

A few hints:

  • stuffed dough cookies or salty biscuits of four flavours
  • various skewers - smoked salmon with quail egg and pepper
  • carrot mousse in a jar of caviar
  • goose liver on baked apple
  • dates stuffed with marzipan and roasted almonds
  • mini tortillas with vegetables

Do not forget that:

  • everything you make, you can take home
  • you won’t be hungry
  • we do the washing-up

Contact us to get more detailed information about the dates and prices.

Do not forget that for groups custom-made courses can be organized - do not forget to ask also about team building possibilities.

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