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Do you plan an event and want an unforgettable banquet?

There are occasions when you want to create an unforgettable memory and a good impression. No matter whether your guests are business partners or closest family members, it is right that you can devote yourself to them without worries. Therefore, leave the banquet to us.

Do not worry about the details, that have to be provided to make the banquet perfect. Enjoy your event, mingle with the guests and enjoy the exquisite taste of food and beverages.

With an excellent selection of different menusand professional staff we will ensure that the catering at your event runs flawlessly and that you and your guests are content. Decades of experience with a wide variety of banquets ensure that we can provide a memorable culinary experience for any opportunity.

We have been working with catering for more than 30 years.

An individual and holistic approach, more than 30 years of experience in catering in an international environment, innovation in preparing the events and memorable and flawless events are a guarantee for unforgettable events.

This is what we are, Jezeršek catering, the company with the longest tradition in catering in Slovenia. Our main advantage is the integrated approach, in addition, we are not only the performer of the event, but also your partner - we help you to choose and prepare the best!

Because we want our culinary experience to be enjoyable for all our guests, upon notice, we can prepare meals in line with special dietary requirements. This excludes gluten-free meals, since it is impossible to eliminate completely every trace of gluten from our work environment.