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Enjoy the event and do not bother about its course. Leave the entertainment to professionals.

Events, to which you invite relatives or friends, are often stressful and instead of enjoying them, you are burdened with the details of organizing them. However it does not necessarily have to be in this way.

Take advantage of every opportunity and enjoy socializing, have fun with friends, dance late into the night and create unforgettable memories. We'll do the organization of the event, decorate the space and take care of excellent culinary experiences.

No matter whether you are planning a celebration for a smaller or larger number of people in Slovenia or abroad - you can always rely on us.

You can of course chose your own location, but based on our extensive experience, we can help you find one that will be most suitable for your event and will fulfil your expectations.

We offer different kinds of catering for all occasions; weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, 50-year celebrations, retirement, outdoor picnics, family celebrations, christenings, holy communions, confirmations and for a variety of meetings, anniversaries and school balls.

Annually we organize more than 200 private banquets, of which more than a quarter are marriages.

Our staff will gladly help with the organization and most importantly - our staff will be with you all the time: from initial discussions to the event. At the event the head of the event will be present all the time, who will take care that the banquet runs smoothly and will meet your expectations in all respects.