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Catering protocol is more than just a banquet.

We can boast of rich experience in organizing banquets at protocol events - we have organized entertainment at the highest protocol meetings, state visits, visits by important politicians and even during the visit of the Pope to Slovenia.

Banquets when VIPs are visiting have a ceremonial, representative and promotional character - we speak to our guests with a select cuisine, that is why we have to take special care of visitors from abroad or from different cultural backgrounds to ensure that we properly present ourselves in the culinary field.Slovenian culinary cuisine is varied and diverse, and we present it in a way that will surely impress.

For protocol events, it is important that the subcontractors are familiar with the process and that they know the circumstances and conditions that must be fullfilled at such meetings.

Our main strength is more than 30 years of experience, an integrated logistics approach, in addition, during the event, we are not just a contractor, but your partner - we advise and collaborate.

We are trusted by customers around the world. In arranging protocol events we have already cooperated with many embassies and countries:

  • Embassy of Japan
  • Embassy of Cyprus
  • German embassy
  • American embassy
  • Israeli embassy
  • Brazilian embassy
  • Finish embassy
  • Lithuanian embassy
  • Venezuelan Embassy
  • Czech Embassy
  • Embassy of Azerbaijan
  • Polish embassy
  • Turkish Embassy
  • Embassy of the United Kingdom