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Invite your business partners to a sports event. In everyone there is a true fan hidden.

Catering at sporting events is an excellent opportunity to build good business relationships and new business opportunities. That the catering at the event will be perfect, is ensured by our 30 years of experience in catering, refinement, precision, professionalism, dedication to detail, highly qualified team of cooks and waiters and immense flexibility. These are all those qualities that make us the right partner for catering at sporting events.

Sports events are not only a chance to relax, but much more - many businessmen both abroad and in Slovenia, have found that, for example, a football game is a great opportunity for doing business, inviting business partners to matches often replaces a business meeting in the office or a business lunch.

The atmosphere at the match is much more comfortable and relaxed, it must be acknowledged however, that in every one of us there is a hidden enthusiasm for sports, so an invitation to see the match is always welcome. Spend some free time with a business partners and create a more genuine and personal relationship, this can be a very positive impact on further cooperation. A personal approach in the business world is becoming increasingly important and increasingly valued.

Catering at a sports event is a very important player.

The icing on the cake is of course a culinary delight that should inspire as much as the game. If the team, which is cheered on by a business partner, loses, the top-notch culinary experience can be an important factor, that creates a feeling of triumph in any way.

A growing number of Slovenian enterprises is realizing that renting the VIP area at a good sporting event can also be a great business opportunity. But invitees rightfully expect excellent service - and here we can help you.

Ježeršek Catering is your partner in the winning team.

In recent years, we have catered at many high-profile sporting events (for example Eurobasket 2013). That is why we dare to say that we are the right choice for providing catering services. Our main advantage is a comprehensive and integrated approach and what is more: we are not just your catering provider, but also your business partner - we help you choose and prepare the best food and drinks.

We take pride to have already cooperated with a great number of organizers of sporting events in Slovenia, as well as abroad.  

Official Caterer for Eurobasket 2013