Official Caterer for Eurobasket 2013 - Jezeršek catering
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Official Caterer for Eurobasket 2013

Jezersek Catering has been chosen to be an official caterer of Eurobasket 2013. Local organising committee selected Jezersek Catering on the basis of their references and experience. In recent years, the company has catered at numerous high-profile international sporting events.
A big organisational challenge
Spectators, fans, press, volunteers, local and foreign delegates, VIP guests and sponsors – in terms of food and drinks at the event, expectations are high. The highest level of catering services will be offered at VIP Lounges (Sky Boxes) and Corporate hospitality, which is common for the biggest world sporting events.
Home ground

During the Eurobasket 2013, Jezersek Catering is expected to serve about 66.000 meals in only 18 days. The preliminary rounds will take place at sports halls in Ljubljana, Jesenice, Celje and Koper. The venue for the main rounds will be Stozice Arena in Ljubljana; the venue where Jezersek Catering has most experience since it catered sporting events on numerous occasions.