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Dinner in the Sky - an unforgettable gourmet experience in the air

Dinner in the Sky in cooperation with Jezeršek Catering team in September 2017 once again hosted an unforgettable event Taste Ljubljana from the Sky in the centre of Slovene capital. This was an outstanding opportunity to change an every day meal or a meeting into a magical culinary experience with stunning views overlooking the most beautiful city in the world.

Imagine a long table for 22 guests who shared their elevation experience and enjoyed quality food and wines. Once per hour it was lifted to a hight of 50 meters at the most attractive location in town of Ljubljana. A selected type of menu was served to guests during the lift by an experienced Jezeršek Catering team. This combination of awakening adrenaline feelings and taste sences ensures an unforgettable experience for all participants.

Ljubljana, May 2015

First public Dinner in the Sky event in Ljubljana, Slovenia, was successully hosted in May 2015. Over 1.300 guests participated at this 5 days special experience. Jezeršek Catering team served a menu based on regional culinary strategy Taste Ljubljana with a touch of their contemporary feel.

An unforgattable catering experience from Split (August 2014)
Dalmatian sun and view to Split promenade, to Mosor mountains and Adriatic islands in the distance, were a pleasant company of our catering staff during their work at a 'restaurant' 50 meters above grounds.