HISTORY - Jezeršek catering
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Jezeršek Catering is a family owned company with more than 30 years of experience in the fields of HORECA.

The story goes back to 1975, when Franci and Sonja Jezeršek moved to Sora near Medvode. On the premises of the newly built house, they established catering business together with their colleague Alenka Lipovec. Catering was back then a totally unknown area. They started cookingmeals for factory workers in the surrounding area and continued with creating culinary masterpieces at numerous receptions and protocol events, which had become an important source of their income. Thus, Sonja and Franci Jezeršek together with their sons, Rok, Jure, Luka and Martin decided to build Jezeršek House of Culinary Arts in 1994. It became the first facility used for catering purposes only.

In 2007, business activities expanded; another unit was rebuilt, Dvor Jezeršek, a more than 240 years old renovated homestead in Zgornji Brnik 63, which became a modern 18-room hotel with conference facilities, a typical Slovenian restaurant named Gostilna and the premises of Jezeršek Academy - culinary educational centre.

The aim of this family owned company is to bring together the rich culinary heritage and contemporary knowledge in the culinary arts - this reflects in the comprehensive approach to our guests.

We, the team of Jezeršek Catering, strive for perfection and use personalized and integrated approach. Rich experience, awards and recognition, especially from our satisfied customers, tell us that we are on the right track. Thus, we always search for new opportunities and keep expanding our activities to new areas.