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Bled. One of the most beautiful tourist places in Slovenia, a treasure trove of natural beauty, is worldwide known for its lake with an island. Above it rises a mighty cliff, where for more than a thousand years Bled Castle reigns and offers superb views of the beauties of Bled and the surrounding Alps.

Not only the rich history and picturesque nature, one of the most recognizable elements of the castle is a restaurant that offers modern interpretations of traditional dishes and drinks. The company Jezeršek leaves its mark and ensures absolute quality, Bled Castle is also establishing itself as one of the most important culinary points in Slovenia.

With the help of the local environment and the providers a unforgettable experiences is created here, suitable for protocol guests, tourist groups and individuals.


Seasonal Menu

Let our chefs pamper your taste buds with seasonal and local dishes.

Bled Castle Restaurant

Our company is also a proud manager of Bled Castle Restaurant. Avail yourself of lunch or dinner at this stunning venue when hosting special guests or celebrating a special occasion. Book you lunch or dinner in advance and gain free entrance to Bled Castle!


Castle Coffeeshop

Upon arrival at the Bled castle you will be greeted from April to October by the Castle Coffeeshop at the lower court yard, where you can taste premium Slovenian wines and craft beers. In a pleasant ambience between the castle walls you will be pampered with an unforgettable view of an island in the middle of the lake, a scented coffee and a Bled’s queen of cakes– the cream cake. 

Castle Beehouse

Besides the restaurant and coffeshop, in the picturesque surroundings of Bled Castle there is also a boutique shop called Castle Beehouse, where visitors are offered honey products and souvenirs from Slovenia.

Bled Castle activities

Upper courtyard is suitable for a variety of events and hosts numerous cultural activities. Pay attention to the yearly programme of Bled Cultural Institute.

Location and contact

Extraordinary venue with views of natural Alpine surroundings ensures amazing ambiance in any weather in any season.