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Castle Beehouse

The Gorenjska region is not only known for its numerous natural beauties, but also as the homeland of an autochthonous bee species - Carniolan honey bee, which represents a special kind of Slovenian pride. And this is precisely the reason why we dedicated to the Slovenian hardworking bees their own space at the Bled castle.

Little bees, little bees,
you are my friends,
this old beekeeper 
will never forget you.
                                Lojze Slak

Besides the restaurant and coffeshop, in the picturesque surroundings of Bled Castle there is also a boutique shop called Castle Beehouse, where visitors are offered honey products and souvenirs from Slovenia.

The Castle Beehouse offers:
- variety of honey products from Slovenian producers;
- free guided tasting with more than 20 types of honey;
- handmade and unique souvenirs from Slovenia;
- unique hive-shaped interior and design;
- interesting facts about Slovenian beekeeping. 

All honey products available to Castle Beehouse visitors are products of Slovenian producers
For the most part, these are high quality domestic products and 100% Slovenian honey.

Visitors can choose from a wide range of honey products: 
- honey, flavoured honey and honey with various aditives
- honey beverages (honey wine, liqueurs and spirits)
- gingerbread and other sweets (chocolates, honey lollipops ...)
- dietary supplements (propolis, royal jelly, apikomplex ...)
- honey cosmetics
- honey candles
- marmalades
- oils 

of renowned Slovenian producers:

Hiša medu Božnar, Polhov Gradec
Medeni butik Voglar, Novo Mesto
Kmetija Turk, Podnart
Io natural-moje milo
Medeni raj Perger
Medex, Ljubljana
I feel sLOVEnia
Piranske soline
Kmetija Toplak
Oljarna Lisjak
Jana trade
Luci d.o.o. 
Wild Bee²
Čili Čar 

In addition to honey products, visitors of the Castle Beehouse can also find handmade and unique souvenirs from Slovenia

- T-shirts
- magnets
- postcards
- wooden products
- toys 

of Slovenian artists:

Afirma, d.o.o.
Album d.o.o. 
Još Gantar 

Opening hours:

January - March and November - December
8.00 - 18.00

April - October
8.00 - 20.00