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How the food and drinks is served at the event, plays a very important role. That is why it is important to give enough attention to this segment.

When deciding which type of catering to choose, it is important to be aware of spatial and contextual constraints and nevertheless to know the profile of the guests.

You can choose from the following types of catering:

O Concept

The "O Concept" represents a new, innovative way of serving food especially for standing receptions - rounded, delicious, charming, and simply delicious.

The idea is very simple: the world unites different people, cultures and languages - we combine different flavours. And since the world is round, we combine the flavours into something round as well.


American writer Robert A. Heinlein once wrote that one should not attend even the end of the world without a good breakfast. However, truth be told, most of us tend to skip breakfast.

We have again put breakfast in first place among the meals so you can combine the pleasant with the useful and start your day in the finest possible way. We offer different breakfasts types with healty and fresh incredients:

  • Business Breakfast
  • English breakfast
  • Buffet breakfast
Coffee break

A Coffee break is not just about the coffee, but also about relaxing and having a snack. No wonder that it has become an important part of a wide range of conferences, meetings, lectures and trainings.

We offer according to your needs and desire a wide range of coffee, tea, juices, sweet and savory snacks, fresh fruit and vegetables. 

Cocktail parties and Fingerfood

For coktail parties, standing receptions or any event of your deisre we serve refreshing drinks and tasty fingerfood, prepared with a focus on attention to detail, presentation, quality of products and taste. The selection of fingerfood is tailored to your desires, opportunities and the venue.

Similar to finger food is also our "O Concept", where food is prepared in a visually very interesting way.

Hot and cold Buffets

The buffets we offer are suitable for any occasion; for standing and seated receptions or any type of private event at home, at Dvor Jezeršek or wherever else you wish. 

They represent a fusion of flavours; from Karst prosciutto, smoked products produced by the best farmers, Carniolan sausages, to Adriatic sea bass  -  in short, everything nature has to offer us.

All the gourmet dishes and products we offer are carefully selected, taking into account your wishes, seasonality, the type of event, the structure and number of guests. The fusion of different flavours is then put on display on the neatly decorated buffet table.

The most common types of cold and warm buffets we offer are:

  • Classic
  • Ethnological
  • Rural
  • Mediterranean
  • Slovenian
Banquets and Gala dinners

Banquets and Gala Dinners are suitable for the finest celebratory events, such as weddings, embassy meetings, visits of high statesmen, personal celebrations, social gatherings etc.

Gala lunch or dinner and banquets include a number of selected dishes in a carefully planned sequence. Each course is accompanied with selected wines and on request also the menu and wine list are put on the table.

Table sets and decoration are dedicated a lot of attention. You can expect silver cutlery, crystal glasses, high-quality porcelain and elegant floral decorations.

Gala lunch or dinner and banquets can also be served buffet-style of a buffet or in a combination of seated service and buffet.


The Picnic we offer is part of socializing and relaxation in nature, enjoying the outdoors, participation in food preparation and a variety of other activities.

As a part of a festive event
A picnic is suitable for any event where you strive for a more relaxed atmosphere. Thus, a picnic with more exclusive dishes is also suitable for events such as wedding receptions, personal celebrations, anniversaries, and corporate gatherings.

Entertainment factor
An important factor of any good picnic is entertainment, which can be taken care of by our chefs and catering staff in the form of show-cooking in large saucepans, grilling, or barbecuing. You can also opt for the classic buffet table with a wide selection of hot and cold dishes and salads.

Go for a stroll with a bundle on your shoulder
You don’t want to stay in one place, but go for a hike? Then choose our bundles and take a stroll. You will be served a snack that you can eat on the go, on idyllic meadow or at the beach.

Market stalls

Public markets
The marketplace is a very vibrant where traditional cuisine is placed alongside local handicrafts. The marketstalls are usually arranged accoring to their theme; you can choose from a range of stalls with fish, salads, dumplings, fruit, and desserts. 

Private events
Marketstalls represent a perfect surrounding for displaying hot and cold buffets. With this type of catering culinary delights take the forefront and an entertaining factor can be added through show cooking. We use this form of the catering to represent traditional local cuisine, but without any problems the food offer can also always be adapted to your desires.