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At Jezeršek Catering, a leading company in the hospitality sector in Slovenia, we recognize the importance of fundamental changes in sustainability within the hospitality industry for a better tomorrow.

With responsibility and leadership, we have designed a sustainable business strategy (2021-2027) aimed at promoting the development and adoption of new sustainable business models, not only within Jezeršek Catering but across the entire hospitality sector.

We meticulously carry out numerous activities related to sustainability in business operations, successfully integrating strategic sustainable activities into the company's strategy, which are already showing excellent results in key areas.

Our Sustainable Business Strategy 2021-2027 is the result of years of effort:

No Leftover Week in Slovenia (initiator)

European Food Summit (organiser)

Common Sensitarian Diet Manifesto (instigator)

EU Grants Zero Food Waste  (applicant)

European Tourism Sustainability Monitoring 2030 (participant)

SRIPT Sustainable Tourism (member)

Sustainable commitments

As an innovative and sustainably oriented company, we are committed to optimizing all business, organizational, and culinary activities under the Jezeršek Catering brand to be sustainable.


Sustainable activities

Building quality partnerships with shared values is one of the key strategic goals of Jezeršek Catering.


Sustainable catering

At Jezeršek Catering, we are committed to change and progress towards sustainable events. We recognize that every event has the potential for a positive impact on the environment and the community.