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At Jezeršek Catering, we are committed to change and progress towards sustainable events. We recognize that every event has the potential for a positive impact on the environment and the community. Therefore, in our sustainability strategy, we are committed to implementing measures that promote environmentally friendly practices. When planning and executing sustainable catering, we ensure minimal waste generation and promote recycling and reusability. Above all, we carefully select raw material suppliers to reduce our environmental impact and contribute to the conservation of natural resources.

Choose creative and sustainable catering.

The mission of Jezeršek Catering is to create creative yet responsible culinary experiences. As a leader in catering and hospitality, we recognize that food, beverages, and service are key elements of organizing sustainable events. At Jezeršek Catering, we want to demonstrate our commitment to the principles of sustainable development and give respect back to food. To this end, we offer event organizers the implementation of catering based on sustainable principles and recommendations for organizing sustainable events.

Creating creative yet carefully considered dishes

Reducing the quantity of pre-prepared food

Reducing food waste

Reducing the quantity of waste packaging

Implementing proper waste separation (organic, packaging, glass, paper, mixed)

Using 100% recycled packaging (BIO, ECO)

Using local and seasonal ingredients

Reducing the proportion of meat consumption

Encouraging the consumption of fruits and vegetables

Careful control of drinking water from the tap

Transport optimization

Use of quality ecological cleaners

 Encouraging taking food home and using reusable containers

Ensuring the organization of a sustainable event at all levels.

Responsibly ordering food and beverages in appropriate quantities

Thoughtful ordering of sustainably stored dishes, always available for later serving and use.

Trusting the norms of the Jezeršek Catering professional team

Encouraging taking food home and using reusable containers

Accepting confirmations of registrations or cancellations of attendance at the event to prevent overordering of food and thus creating waste.

Creating a creative yet responsible dish offering with fresh local and seasonal ingredients

Careful selection of local suppliers who meet the high standards of Jezeršek Catering's sustainability commitment

Using fresh and seasonal ingredients.

Thoughtful preparation of sustainably stored dishes, always available for later serving

Sustainable storage of food and dishes

Use of natural/biological/degradable materials for labeling

Careful use of transportation routes

Implementing proper waste separation

Encouraging the use of reusable containers

Encouraging confirmations of registrations or cancellations of attendance at the event

Event analysis and setting new guidelines