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As an innovative and sustainability-focused company, we are committed to optimizing all business and organizational activities under the Jezeršek brand to be sustainable. Through responsibility and leadership, we aim to build a better future, not only for our company but for the overall success of the hospitality industry in Slovenia. Our efforts demonstrate sustainable activities in all areas of our operations, both culinary, infrastructural and technical.

Reducing Food Waste and Systems

At Jezeršek Catering, we regularly measure food waste quantities using artificial intelligence. Measurements are carried out at the level of individual catering events and business units. Based on the results, we establish an annual plan to reduce food waste quantities and related activities. To reduce food waste quantities, we implement various activities at Jezeršek Catering, such as centralized food procurement, centralized food preparation, and the use of eco-friendly packaging.

Trusted Suppliers

At Jezeršek Catering, we are extremely careful in selecting ingredient suppliers for our comprehensive culinary offerings. Selection criteria include social and environmental integrity, quality, and locality. We only include suppliers in our supply chain who meet these standards. Local Suppliers and Raw Material Providers: We include suppliers where the origin of ingredients and food traceability are visible. In selecting local suppliers, we follow the philosophy of '0 kilometers.' 

Examples of selected suppliers: 

  • Pustotnik - cheeses and dairy products 
  • Mlekarna Planika
  • Beekeeping Božnar
  • Tomato Lušt
  • Piran sea bass Fonda
  • Carniolan sausage Arvaj
  • Piran salt flower 

... and many other local producers and farms.

Seasonality and Menu Richness

Jezeršek Catering aims to contribute to sustainable development, promote sustainable gastronomic tourism, connect agriculture and gastronomy, and emphasize the importance of diet for health. Therefore, they regularly include local and seasonal ingredients, protected foods, and dishes in their menus: 

  • protected origin, 
  • geographical indication, 
  • guaranteed traditional specialty, 
  • from 24 gastronomic regions of Slovenia (Okusiti Slovenijo), and characteristic dishes of Ljubljana (Okusi Ljubljane), dishes adapted to various dietary restrictions, and creative dish stories.

The company prioritizes fresh and local seasonal ingredients, so the menu offerings (menus) change with the seasons (four times a year: spring, summer, autumn, winter).


The House of Culinary Jezeršek closed its doors to the general public in 2017 and became the administrative, logistical, and service center for comprehensive activities. With the introduction of centralization, the company has reduced its carbon footprint in transportation, buildings, and organizational processes.

Modernization and Energy-Efficient Appliances

With constant investments in equipment and infrastructure modernization, we regularly work to reduce negative environmental impacts. One of the major investments was the modernization of the company's entire refrigeration systems and air recuperation, significantly contributing to the greater energy efficiency of the facility and substantial energy savings.

E-catering and Delivery Route Optimization

Jezeršek e-catering allows for easy online ordering of premium catering, contactless payment, and contactless delivery. The delivery routes of the Jezeršek e-catering online store are centralized from the House of Culinary Jezeršek in Medvode. They are systematically managed through an advanced solution, Omni Opti, which optimizes the entire logistics so that our delivery service leaves the smallest possible carbon footprint.

Disposable Material Suppliers

The use of single-use packaging is limited only to events where it is essential due to the nature of the work, thus further reducing waste.

  • 100% biodegradable packaging and BIO inventory (glasses, plates, cutlery, straws, etc.), supplier Bevann Ltd. 
  • Eco-friendly cleaners and all hygiene maintenance tools (kitchen, toilets, management), supplier Barjans Ltd.