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Catering services enable outdoor wedding receptions as well. From a culinary perspective outdoor weedings present a certain challenge. Portable kitchen devices are needed and skills to face predictable and unpredictable logistical issues. Several years ago we implemented numerous innovations to optimize catering services for outdoor events and consequently raised our culinary levels.

Our sophisticated logistics system, qualified team and over 30 years of experience are the reasons to choose Jezeršek Catering to be your wedding partner. Special working conditions at an outdoor wedding are no reason to have a lower quality culinary offer served to your guests and therefore we make sure that our services match the standards of an in-house wedding. Your wishes will be heard and given special attention.

Wedding tent
Outdoor wedding highly depends on weather conditions. We therefore advise the newlyweds when renting an event venue and belonging inventory. Even under a wedding tent we could create vintage, classic or modern wedding ambience with an assistance of our subcontractors. We recommend an early wedding tent booking.
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