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If you did not choose a restaurant venue to hold your wedding, then the catering services will offer simple solutions to indulge your guests. The destinations we cater our services to are limitless and often cross the borders of Slovenia. With us, newlyweds can be quite innovative when selecting a wedding location.
Catering services

Catering is a business of providing food, drinks and hospitality services at a remote location. Wedding catering is an option to use when you wish to hold a wedding in your home environment, at public venues (history or art properties, castles, mansions, villas) hotels, parks, wine cellars or other. Our team can help you advise whether the venue matches catering service criteria.

Popular wedding venues
Weddings are most commonly held at great halls of numerous castles in Slovenia, in multipurpose halls, in parks and tents.

Wedding location proposals in Slovenia:

  • Ljubljanski grad
  • Sokolski dom
  • Grad Jablje
  • Grad Bentava
  • Hotel Antiq Palace & Spa
  • Škofovi zavodi
  • Križanke
  • Krvavec
  • Vinska klet Santomas
  • Skladišče soli v Portorožu
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