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SORA Catering is our international catering brand. Clients can expect the highest standards of professionalism, creativity and service. Distance is no longer a question. A number of innovations optimize catering at remote locations and manage to raise it to the highest standards.

SORA Catering remains the most reliable and flexible partner providing creative culinary solutions and personalized experiences. By striving for perfection, attention for detail, innovation, rich expertise and most importantly though a dedicated human touch of our qualified and motivated staff, we ensure to keep our promise.

We are happy to see smiling guests at weddings in Austria, to hear compliments from surprised guests at our catering events in Italy and to weekly host wedding parties in Croatia. A rising number of international weddings keeps reminding us to stay flexible, to pay attention to cultural differences and to learn foreign languages.

There are numerous details to consider when plannig this type of a wedding since they can effect the wedding price. Our wedding planners will be happy to inform you about them.

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